Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Satsop 1978 - How to get a copy of the bid spec

One of my early jobs after arriving at Satsop in 1977 was to write the Piping and Support Specification, and then to serve as Lead Engineer for the bidding cycle of this $200m contract.

So, having written and resolved all comments on specification 3240-251 and the technical content of the bid document, the contract was advertised for bid - listing me as 'Lead Engineer.'

The only problem... I didn't have a copy of the bid document and spec. If I got a call with a bidder's question I was sunk!

Pleading with the Office Engineer had no effect - we still had limited copying capacity (despite SJ Groves claims otherwise). The bidders were first on the list to get copies and I had to wait.

'Thinking on my feet' I found the solution - I submitted the needed $30 fee to get on the bidders list (see attached). You know what - they found a copy for me!

In no way did the Office Engineer want my name to be listed, as required by procedure, in the planholder/bidders list. The head cheeses would be pissed if that happened - they and the job would look like bumbling .......'s and not the well oiled machine we all knew we had.


I spoke with Tom today. He lives in Olympia WA with wife Cynthia on the home he remodeled/built. He reports " retired in 2002, finished all my honey doooooo’s, spent the summer at the beach with my grandchildren and then got bored… So here I am still hacking away at the construction game. I figure as long as its still fun , why not. "

Posted on nawicpugetsound.org re a Aug 11,2008 talk to be given by Tom in Renton WA:

Tom Balbo is a graduate of the Cooper Union School of Architecture, New York City. He joined Ferguson Construction, Inc., in 2003 with over 30 years experience in architectural design, zoning and planning board approval, chief estimator, project management, and construction management. As a graduate architect, and former Project Superintendent, Tom brings an exceptional multi-disciplined background to all phases of the construction process. His diverse background and “hands on” experience allows him to be effectively involved in projects from concept to commissioning and user occupancy. Tom has also completed numerous Value Engineering and Constructability Reviews for an array of public sector projects. He is Past President of the Associated General Contractors of Washington and Past President of the Construction Managers Association, NW Chapter. He currently serves as a member of the State’s Capital Projects Advisory Review Board – Project Review Committee.

Tom’s recent projects of note include Preconstruction Services and Construction Management for the new campus at Eastside Catholic School, Sammamish, WA • Owner’s Representative for the Tacoma School District #10 • Preconstruction Manager for Family Services Corporate Office, Seattle, WA• Owner’s Representative for Washington State Department of Corrections • and Construction Manager for the University of Washington – Bloedel Hearing/Research Center and H, I & J Wing Addition.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ed Henderson

Edward M. Henderson Jr., married to Molly, now living in Seattle WA

Graduated in Civil Engineering, ’64
Waterford Steam Electric Station, Unit 3 - Hahnville, LA
WPPSS Satsop Unit 3&5 – Elma, WA
South Texas Project – Bay City, TX
TVA Browns Ferry at Knoxville, TN
Morrison Knudsen – highway project Seattle, WA
WA State highway department materials lab - Seattle, Wash. Retired

Though he enjoyed his time with Ebasco, Ed’s avocation has been mountain climbing.

Ed Henderson’s excellent adventures began when he saw a television show on mountaineering. After taking a Mountaineering Course in Olympia WA while at WPPSS in 1980, he proceeded to climb over 100 peaks in the U.S. and Europe, including Mt. Rainier, Wash.; Mount Hood, Org.; and the Matterhorn, Switzerland.

His service activities for the Mountaineers include being president in 2000-2002, the third largest outdoor recreation and conservation organization in the country. Ed has been a member of the Library, Northwest Environmental Issues Course, Conservation, Recreation Access and Alternative Funding committees. He's taken the Basic and Intermediate Climbing, photography and Sea Kayaking courses, and has earned various climbing pins and the Olympia Branch's Service and Stewardship awards.

“Mountain climbing is an adrenalin rush. It’s the camaraderie, the shared experience that I enjoy. The unsuccessful trips are more memorable. On a successful trip, you get to the top, see a beautiful view, then leave. On an unsuccessful trip, you get lost in the woods or slip on a rock face - that’s more interesting. My favorite climb is probably the South Early Winter’s Spire in the Washington Pass area of the North Cascades in Washington State.”

Obituary of Ebasco - Published May 11, 1994

Circulated out of New York upon the sale of Ebasco to Raytheon, resulted in layoffs :
Obituary - Ebasco Services Incorporated, 89, Of New York City, died Wednesday, May 11, 1994 after a lingering illness. The wake will be held at McAnn's, Rector Street, on Friday, May 20th, after work. Ebasco was an engineering and construction firm of international renown, with projects throughout the world. Ebasco was considered to be a devoted mother by generations of loyal employees until falling on hard times.

Ebasco was born Electric Bond and Share Company in New York in 1905, daughter of Thomas Alva Edison. Previously married to Boise Cascade, who stripped Ebasco of most possessions- most notably the family home at 2 Rector Street, a brief engagement to Haliburton and then subsequent marriage to Enserch Corporation. Ebasco was recently wed to Raytheon Corporation. Survivors include her previous spouses, Raytheon , a brother - General Electric, and a son - Enserch Environmental, from a previous marriage.
The family requests that in lieu of flowers, much needed donations to the Severence Fund be made.

Rock Fight Memo - WPPSS Oct. 1,1977

Welcome Old Friends

Having recently started to doing a garage clean-up, I found a classic memo from 1977 at the WPPSS Site in Washington State from the civil contractor asking to forgo the letter writing wars and instead settle everything with a "rock fight." This I have sent to various Ebasco folks who I still have occasional contacts. See my profile for the sites I was at.

I have searched the web to see if I can locate others, but have had little success. So, I thought I'd try this blog and see what happens.

I became an owner of rental property completely by accident.. leaving Olympia WA and the WPPSS project fully intending to return.. then buying in Broomfield CO only to have the project end when scheduled 9 months later... then buying in Knoxville TN... and in Florida with my brother.

Upon my move to WA in 1997 I started exchanging the 4 properties for local rentals. This ended up being a great time to buy. I put in 8 hard years of remodeling, maintaining and managing 5 rentals, as well as acting as a real estate agent until deciding to phase out in 2006 when I sold 3 of the rentals. I'm now attempting top sell the last 2.

Have let loose a bit, fulfilling my desire for a "little red sports car" (1999 Miata) and traveling with Carol - my wife of 35 years.