Saturday, July 5, 2008

Obituary of Ebasco - Published May 11, 1994

Circulated out of New York upon the sale of Ebasco to Raytheon, resulted in layoffs :
Obituary - Ebasco Services Incorporated, 89, Of New York City, died Wednesday, May 11, 1994 after a lingering illness. The wake will be held at McAnn's, Rector Street, on Friday, May 20th, after work. Ebasco was an engineering and construction firm of international renown, with projects throughout the world. Ebasco was considered to be a devoted mother by generations of loyal employees until falling on hard times.

Ebasco was born Electric Bond and Share Company in New York in 1905, daughter of Thomas Alva Edison. Previously married to Boise Cascade, who stripped Ebasco of most possessions- most notably the family home at 2 Rector Street, a brief engagement to Haliburton and then subsequent marriage to Enserch Corporation. Ebasco was recently wed to Raytheon Corporation. Survivors include her previous spouses, Raytheon , a brother - General Electric, and a son - Enserch Environmental, from a previous marriage.
The family requests that in lieu of flowers, much needed donations to the Severence Fund be made.


Roger Ritthaler said...

Very clever. I knew EBASCO from 1987-1993. Rest in pieces.

Bill Leslie said...

Say, could someone - perhaps Larry Pauls - tell me where to take my search? I'm trying to get more information about my great-uncle, who died while in Cairo in 1962 on business for Ebasco. His name was George F. Graham. ortanad 97

Unknown said...

My dad worked there until 1961 when he was laid off. Electrical Engineer Francis Eu(gene) Wilmot

pst said...

Is this still an ongoing blog? My dad, Robert D. Steele was chief civil engineer for sometime...before the boise take over I think. He died in 1988. I am also trying to trace some of his friends from Ebasco, including Walter Brumberg (Bromberg) an Estonian who had a lovely place in Maine which we used to visit. I know he is dead now but wondered if he did indeed gift it to an Estonian group when he died. Also, my grandfather's best friend, Kemp Reece, was president of Ebasco when daddy first joined Ebasco after WWII.